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August 08, 2008


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Jennifer Terry

Hi Jesse,
We visited August Briggs in late July and joined the wine club not only because the wine was so fabulous but because of your generous explanation of the whole process that goes into making fine wine. I am happy that you and your brother have started your own label and I look forward to trying some of your wines, especially the pinots. Best of luck with negotiating the business process and those of us who love your wine will see to it that the romance never goes out of the process!
Jenny Terry

Mike Duffy

Just found your blog (via OWC), and added you to the list:

Keep posting - what I've read so far has been personal and fun to read.

PS - do you have any magnums for sale?

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it was a very cute little Polish/Eastern European takeout counter loaded with treats and situated in a presumably accessible spot just off University and 13th Avenues NE.

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